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Accelerate Orphan Drug Programs With GeneScape

Insights at Every Stage of Drug Development

Target Discovery & Feasibilty

Understanding which patients may benefit most from an innovative technology or therapy - begins with understanding the scale of unmet need for potential indications.  GeneScape supports full genetic target review and portfolio planning adapted to your technology and the target patients' needs. 

Building a Strong Business Case

GeneScape provides independent projections for your addressable patient population and important insights into your target markets to help build a strong business case and engage key stakeholders.  

Patient Population Modelling

We leverage our integrated genomic analysis pipeline, combined with extensive literature and additional data sources, to provide the most up-to-date and reliable patient models for your indication.  These insights provide strong support for regulatory and clinical trial strategies, as well as sponsored genetic testing initiatives. 

Finding the Right Patients

For many indications we can use genetic diversity and demographic data to map where you are most likely to find target patients. Whether you are recruiting for a clinical trial or preparing for a therapy launch, the data provided by GeneScape can guide your resource allocation more effectively.


GeneScape offers extensive experience for managing genetic and clinical data to support bio-curation activities. Our in-house standards allow for cross-platform comparisons, and translate to international standards for variant descriptors. We also uphold legal and industry standards for data privacy, including European GDPR and US HIPAA guidelines. 

Target Modelling & Variant Calling

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding biology and disease. To aid in variant calling and improve understanding of patho-mechanisms GeneScape provides integrated modelling dedicated to your target by leveraging the latest in machine learning, protein structure, genomic data and other available meta-data to provide unique insights for targets of interest.

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