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Navigate Genetic Landscapes for
Next Generation Drug Development

GeneScape® is a Compass to Transform Your Programs For Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Orphan Diseases - With Actionable Data and Reliable Patient Models 

Effectively Shape Your Drug Development and Launch Strategy

GeneScape is specialized in epidemiology for rare, ultra-rare, and orphan diseases.  We will bring you further than the basic prevalence or incidence indications

(e.g. 1 in 100,000 births).


Our expertly curated data evaluation and integrated genomic analysis pipeline allow us to leverage increasingly larger datasets to help you transform your drug development and launch strategies.

Your Target
Patient Population

GeneScape understands that the mode of action for innovative therapies shapes the target patient profile.


Whether you are targeting a pathway, a gene, or even a specific mutation, we can develop the models that are appropriate for your therapy to quantify the addressable patient population. 

Epidemiology & Demographics

Not only can we help identify and quantify the scale of unmet need for target populations; we also support models for key characteristics of  target patients and where best to find them.

Population Genetics Modeling

By leveraging GeneScape's
integrated genome analysis pipeline we can estimate patient numbers for many indications, independent of diagnosis


The amount of
genetic data can be overwhelming but don't lose out on key insights.  Whether you are a researcher, clinician, or a company, we offer tailored insights and solutions.

GeneScape in Brief


Pharma/Biotech & Rare Disease Research Partners


Integrated Human Genomes


Populations Modeled for
Innovative Targets

Impact of Applying GeneScape to Your Programs

Identify New Targets

Comprehensive review of potential targets suited to your technology

Reliable Patient Estimates

Improved accuracy in market forecasts and program valuation

Uncover Patient Subsets

Uncover undiagnosed or poorly diagnosed patient subsets

Competitive Landscape

Identify potential overlap within your own portfolio or a competitor's portfolio

Patient Demographics

Provide population

characteristics to support regulatory submission and
trial design

Focused Strategy

Clearly define addressable patient segments to provide realistic recruiting and market expectations

Current & Previous Collaborators

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Programs With GeneScape?

GeneScape offers insights at any level of development, from feasibility, investment, to clinical trials and product launch.
Contact us to learn more.

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